2015-04 – Püppi, Gino und Jimmy endlich unterm Sattel – finally starting Püppi, Gino and Jimmy

2015-04 – Püppi, Gino und Jimmy endlich unterm Sattel – finally starting Püppi, Gino and Jimmy

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Ein sonniger Apriltag, motivierte Pferde und ein Robin, der Osterferien hat. Mehr braucht man eigentlich nicht, um ein noch nie gerittenes Pferd sattelfest zu machen. Robin bringt die besten Voraussetzungen mit, da er nicht zu schwer ist, und einfach ein Talent im Umgang mit den Tieren hat. Zudem lässt er sich gerne auf neue Situationen ein, ohne dass man ihm auch nur einen Funken von Angst ansieht. Das spüren auch die Pferde, und so ist die erste Vertrauensbasis schnell hergestellt.

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April 2015, a sunny day, motivated horses and Robin spending his Easter vacation at our ranch. That´s the only thing you really need to start never ridden horse and get them used to a saddle. Robin best qualifications: he is not too heavy and has just has the right feeling to deal with horses. He also likes new situations without having a single sight of fear. Also the the horses can feel it, and so the first trust is build up quickly.

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2014-01-05 – Jimmy on vacation at NTH-Ranch — Jimmy auf Urlaub auf der NTH-Ranch

Das Jahr 2014 fängt für uns wirklich richtig gut an… nachdem Tom die Heimreise nach England mit Steffi und ihrer Stute „Sun in Motion“ gut überstanden hat, machte er auf der Rückfahrt Halt in der alten Heimat, um dort einen Feriengast einzuladen. 🙂 Jimmy – der 6-jährige Traber-Wallach einer lieben Freundin aus Radevormwald, wird die nächsten Monate bei uns verbringen.


The year 2014 started really, really good for us… right after going home from his journey to England with Steffi and her mare „Sun in Motion“, Tom stoped at our old home to pick up our new vacation guest. 🙂 Jimmy – a 6 -year-old trotting gelding of a dear friend from Radevormwald, who will spend the next few months with us.

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2013/2014 – Steffi & „Sun in Motion“: journey to England – Reise nach England

– After having thought and dreamt about this for over

ONE year it is finally happening! –

When I bought Pride’s Sun in Motion I kept her in Germany with the idea of moving back there after having finished studying.
Having finished the BSc in Equine Studies I decided to stay longer and do an MSc as well. This required for my horse to join me in the hometown of my choice…
I tried to organise the trip with a transport company but unfortunately none of them were travelling the route they needed to in order to pick up my horse (and me). After posting a question on facebook whether I may know someone who knows a good transport company etc. I received a message from my friend Heike: „Why don’t you ask Tom??“ (her husband)
Having thought about this for one second I came to the conclusion that it would be amazing but it would also be too much to ask of a person, especially if they are living in the other part of the country..
Therefore I sent both of them a message saying how lovely and kind their offer would be but too much to ask.
The following evening I received a call from my friend Tom: „Steffi – I have got it sorted!!!“
I thought`: „Wow, alright, what are we talking about?“ – „Right. So we will come pick you up on the ….“
This was it. It was a perfect plan and Tom gave me his word that I can actually believe it. After so many disappointments I stopped believing in this unless I’d see it with my own eyes…
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(written by Stefanie Spielhaupter)


map-journey to England


Transport Hammerbach – Jemmeritz
trail with Steffi – Ausritt mit Steffi
New Years Eve trail with Steffi – Sylvester-Ausritt mit Steffi
New Years trail with Steffi — Neujahrs-Ritt mit Steffi
Transport Jemmeritz – Meerbusch
Transport Meerbusch – Cambridge

ElectroBraid® – the new fence-system at the NTH-Ranch

Dieses Jahr (2013) haben wir unsere Weiden mit einem neuen Zaun-System von ElectroBraid® eingezäunt.
Auf der Suche nach einem langlebigen und sicheren Zaun sind wir bei einem amerkanischen Hersteller fündig geworden.
Wir sind stolz, der erste Anwender dieses Systems in Europa zu sein.


EB cmyk logo -Registered


This year (2013) we installed new fences on our pastures using the fence-system from ElectroBraid®.
Searching for a longlasting and safe fence system we found this product in the US.
We are proud to be their first customer in Europe.

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our USA tour in 2012

2012 Heike und Tom machten eine Gross-Reise durch die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.

Sie reisten quer durch 30 Bundesstaaten.





In 2012 Heike and Tom went on a great trip thru the United States.

They traveled across the States and covered 30 States.

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